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Selected Publications

An Empirical Study of Architectural Decay in Open-Source Software Systems
Duc Le, D Link, A Shavazian, N Medvidovic
IEEE International Conference on Software Architecture (ICSA 2018)
An Empirical Study of Architectural Change in Open-Source Software Systems (Best Paper Award)
DM Le, P Behnamghader, J Garcia, D Link, A Shahbazian, N Medvidovic
2015 IEEE/ACM 12th Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories
Validating consistency between a feature model and its implementation
Duc Minh Le, Hyesun Lee, Kyo Chul Kang, Lee Keun
International Conference on Software Reuse
Relating Architectural Decay and Sustainability of Software Systems
Duc Minh Le, Carlos Carrillo, Rafael Capilla, Nenad Medvidovic
13th Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture (WICSA)
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